How Do I Make My Websites Visible for People

Developing a good Website is only half the effort. Even the most creative and innovative of all Website will do little to boost sales or increase the brand reputation, unless people actually visit the Website.

There are many ways to make the Website visible for people. Some of the most common ways follow.

seoSearch Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the holy-grail of Internet marketers. SEO, in essence, means developing web content with the right keywords, so that, people who make searches with the same keywords, find the webpage listed, in their search engine listings. The better the search engine rank of the web page, more the chances that the visitor would click on the link, and access, the webpage.

Search engines, such as, Google and Bing, offer extensive literature, on what constitutes good SEO practises. As a golden rule of thumb, never stuff keywords, and have relevant and honest content. Adding images and videos, to the content, helps, in boosting rankings, as well.

The Social Media

The social media is a godsend opportunity, for Website owners and marketers, to promote their webpages. Marketers may simply invite their friends and contacts, or better still, provide a link to some interesting content, on the Website. The latter has chances of going viral, as people who receive the links may share it, with others on their networks.

A good option to reach out to strangers on the social media, is to participate in forum discussions, on topics relevant to the Website content. The key is to contribute actively, and offer links to the Website, wherever possible.

For social media promotion to work, enure timely dose of new content, and encourage discussions centred on the Website, or the topic.

Direct Marketing

One of the best ways to make a Website visible for people, is to promote it directly. This may take many forms, in itself.

  • Online ads, including banner ads, using Google AdSense or a comparable ad programme, will ensure that the Website reaches the eyes of the targeted audience.
  • Submitting the Website content on services, such as, StumbleUpon, and Reddit, which allow posting articles and readers rating the articles up or down, is a good way to promote the Website to total strangers.
  • Exchanging links with non-competitor Website, for mutual promotion, is a good form of free advertisement.
  • Email to friends and other acquaintances, with a link to the Website, and a request to pass the word, also increases visibility.
  • Offline ads, such as a sticker in the car, flyers, newspaper ads and more, all contribute to increasing visibility as well.

These methods, however, are no short-cut to a good design and excellent content. A bulk of Website visitors are either repeat visitors, or people directed to the Website by other happy visitors.